Thursday, November 30, 2006

If the world forces you to be a jerk, are you still a jerk?

Civil libertarians get peeved at all kinds of things. The list includes prayer in schools, rich people, corporations, Republicans, Christians, policemen and statistics. 'Statistics?', you ask. That's right, statistics.


Well, statistics are quantitative in nature and generally reflect the truth and, as such, really undermine the politically correct crowd. That is, reality hurts. If you're a civil libertarian, that is.

Take our friends the 'peaceful' Muslim imams (priests) that were removed from an airplane in Minneapolis earlier this month. There were six of them, chanting and praying in Arabic before, during and after they boarded the plane. Apparently, they chanted 'Allah, Allah, Allah' while walking down the jetway onto the aircraft. You'd better believe that the civil libertarians were absolutely torqued off that these men were asked to exit the plane and wait while their credentials were checked. The PC pundits couldn't believe that the other passengers were such ignorant jerks to make an issue of their presence -- one should show them tolerance, for crying out loud!

But, if I read the statistics correctly, only Muslim fanatics are ramming aircraft into buildings, attempting to blow them up with shoe bombs, liquid incendiary bombs and goodness knows what else. We find out about these plots on a regular basis -- one every two or three months. So, the statistics say that we should fear destructive behavior from Muslims. Especially those that are agitated. One could say that these particular Muslims are acting like jerks. Putting it mildly.

So, if the passengers on the airplane were decried as unenlightened jerks for reacting to the threat of the bona-fide jerks in the killing-for-Allah business, are they really jerks? Or are they mearly cautious, reasonable people?

I think that they are being reasonable. Surely, that's the most rational response.

I could stop right there and I would have made my point. Case closed. However, there's one loose end that I still can't get out of my head. The six imams in question were actually angry with the policemen that detained them. That's right -- the Muslim clergymen chose to blame the American law enforcement rather than blaming the other Muslims that blow up airplanes in the name of Allah. Unbelieveable. The imams and the PC nutjobs blame the policy rather than the catastrophes and threats that put the policy in place.

Let's show the world that we can reason. Blame the terrorists, not the innocents.

I hope and pray that someday we'll be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our children, but I'll never be able to forgive the Arabs for making us kill their children. -- Golda Meir, 1967

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Democratic Senator Jim Webb is a disingenuous jerk

Senator-elect Jim Webb. A Democrat. One with a son in the Marine Corps serving in Iraq.

When President Bush sought him out to get acqainted, Webb rudely rebuffed the President, continuing to play divisive, partisan politics even when George W. Bush showed friendliness and humanity to him. Something like this, according to reports:

W: 'How is your boy?'
Webb: 'I'd like to get them out of there.'
W: 'That's not what I asked -- how's your boy?'
Webb: 'That's between my son and me.'

Now, you may think that Webb has the right to say that. You may also note that Senator-elect Webb made a point of 'not talking about his son extensively' in his campaign for the Senate and that his response is in keeping with that policy.

I say bull.

Jim Webb knew what he was doing. He was being a small, partisan, assinine man with no respect for the President. He's the new Nancy Pelosi. Critical of everything, leader of nothing.

Additionally, Jim Webb campaigned wearing his son's desert boots. You know the ones -- tan-colored suede with oversized lug soles. They look perfect with the dark grey suits that he wore during his campaign. NOT! He 'talked about' his son with every step he made on the campaign trail. Oh... but he's not 'talking about' his son, he's only 'talking about' his son. What a load! Say one thing, do the opposite. Positively Clintonesque, only without the charm and charisma.

I hope that Jim Webb grows up. I really do. In the meantime, watch the fireworks kids! Our government will grind to a screeching halt, but those new Democrats are gonna get their day in the public eye to finger-wag everything in sight! Do something? Nah, we're too busy being the jerks that you elected us to be.

Lorenzo Neal doesn't get nearly enough credit

Lorenzo Neal is an NFL fullback. A really, really good one. Maybe the best of all time. But how would you know? In today's football, the fullback is almost exclusively a blocking back. Someone to 'bust up' linebackers. Lead the running back to glory by clearing the way.

How does one measure performance at this task?

By one measure, Lorenzo Neal is already in elite company -- he's played 14 NFL seasons. Not just 'been on the team', but actually played the majority of plays from scrimmage for 14 years. He's not been significantly slowed by injury despite playing one of the more physically demanding positions on the field.

By another measure, he's also a whiz. 10 straight seasons (including this one) of lead blocking for a 1,000-yard rusher. That's productivity.

But I've got a better measure. One that will shock you with its simplicity and with the way that it demonstrates 'Zo's dominance.

Consider this impressive list of rushing seasons behind Lorenzo Neal's blocking:

Running Back Yards Rushing
2006 LaDanian Tomlinson 1,146 (year to date)
2005 LaDanian Tomlinson 1,462
2004 LaDanian Tomlinson 1,776
2003 LaDanian Tomlinson 1,645
2002 Corey Dillon 1,311
2001 Corey Dillon 1,315
2000 Eddie George 1,509
1999 Eddie George 1,304
1998 Warrick Dunn 1,026
1997 Adrian Worrell 1,084
1996 Mario Bates 584
1995 Mario Bates 951

Totalling the yards from scrimmage for just the featured back in each offense, Lorenzo Neal has paved the way for 15,113 yards in his last 11 seasons in the NFL. That puts him only 156 yards short of Barry Sanders for 3rd (!) on the all-time rushing leaderboard. He'll easily make up that difference in the next two weekends; Walter Payton's 16,726 yards (2nd on the all time list) should be easily achieved by this time next year -- when Lorenzo will be in the last year of his current contract with the San Diego Chargers. Thus, barring injury or catastrophe, Lorenzo Neal should retire with the knowledge that his success is on par with the truly great running backs of all time.

Lorenzo -- you deserve much more credit than you get. We finally 'got it' here in Nashville -- Ahmard Hall is darn good -- but he's no Lorenzo Neal. Yet.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Titans score all 24 points in the last 10 minutes to win!

What an unbelieveable finish and what a great day in Nashville for some football!

With the New York Giants up 21-0 in the fourth quarter, the Tennessee Titans score 24 unanswered points to win on Rob Bironas's field goal with 6 seconds left on the clock!

Adam 'Pacman' Jones gets the game ball.

See all of the pics on Flickr.

Dell -- the company of half-truths and spin

This article about Dell is so slanted that I cannot believe that the writer has the audacity to call it journalism.

More like 'paid advertising'.

The title "Dell bucks the notebook-outsourcing trend" should read: "Dell doesn't like bucks tied up in inventory, so it does the final configuration of its notebooks". Their notebook machines are still designed, manufactured and supported by Quanta, Wistron, Compal and Asustek -- whoever is the lowest bid.

You've got to be discerning these days.

Jay Cutler takes the helm in Denver

Vanderbilt football hero Jay Cutler gets the nod from Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan in preparation for their December 3 game against the Seattle Seahawks. Citing poor play from current starting QB Jake 'The Snake' Plummer, coach Shanahan named Cutler 'definitely' the starter for their upcoming game. Scouts and coach Shanahan agree: Jay gives the Broncos an additional dimension due to his size, speed and strength.

Go Jay! Too bad that you're playing for the Broncos, quite possibly my least favorite team in the NFL.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Boyz in the Sink

This is from a children's video, but what a great send-up of the boy bands!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I miss Gene

Having listened to both Olympian and Drawn to the Deep End today, I wish that Gene had another record in them.

They (wisely, probably) called it quits in 2004.

Thanks, gentlemen.

Coaching breakdown -- Bobby, where's the preparation gone?

A muffed punt.
Two mishandled long snaps.
Two interceptions within the Kentucky 20.

Coach, we were playing Kentucky for crying out loud! Did we practice this week?

It's time to actually win these games. Tennessee and Florida -- they're tough nuts, I'll admit. But Kentucky? Ole Miss?

We have to execute. We have to get past giving games away in the fourth quarter. We have to play smarter on special teams. Mistakes are hard to overcome in the SEC.

Brent Bozell has it right....

I don't know Mr. Bozell; I'd never read anything he's written before reading this short essay. He's right on.

The major networks and 'news'papers are loving on Nancy Pelosi as if she's never stridently voiced an opposing view just to be an obstruction. They're giving her one of the biggest passes ever given to a rising politician.

My advice, Nancy: it's much harder to lead than it is to be a critic. If you last a year as majority leader, I'll be surprised.