Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Democratic Senator Jim Webb is a disingenuous jerk

Senator-elect Jim Webb. A Democrat. One with a son in the Marine Corps serving in Iraq.

When President Bush sought him out to get acqainted, Webb rudely rebuffed the President, continuing to play divisive, partisan politics even when George W. Bush showed friendliness and humanity to him. Something like this, according to reports:

W: 'How is your boy?'
Webb: 'I'd like to get them out of there.'
W: 'That's not what I asked -- how's your boy?'
Webb: 'That's between my son and me.'

Now, you may think that Webb has the right to say that. You may also note that Senator-elect Webb made a point of 'not talking about his son extensively' in his campaign for the Senate and that his response is in keeping with that policy.

I say bull.

Jim Webb knew what he was doing. He was being a small, partisan, assinine man with no respect for the President. He's the new Nancy Pelosi. Critical of everything, leader of nothing.

Additionally, Jim Webb campaigned wearing his son's desert boots. You know the ones -- tan-colored suede with oversized lug soles. They look perfect with the dark grey suits that he wore during his campaign. NOT! He 'talked about' his son with every step he made on the campaign trail. Oh... but he's not 'talking about' his son, he's only 'talking about' his son. What a load! Say one thing, do the opposite. Positively Clintonesque, only without the charm and charisma.

I hope that Jim Webb grows up. I really do. In the meantime, watch the fireworks kids! Our government will grind to a screeching halt, but those new Democrats are gonna get their day in the public eye to finger-wag everything in sight! Do something? Nah, we're too busy being the jerks that you elected us to be.


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