Wednesday, December 26, 2007

One of the best deals on the internet

If you wear neckwear and haven't tried the Tie Bar, you should.

Have you, like me, ever wondered why such a small amount of silk and backing fabric should cost $50 or $100 in a department store? If you have, these guys are a breath of fresh air. No frills, just great ties.

The quality is unbelievable, better than some ties that I've paid over five or six times what they charge for theirs. However, they stick to their guns, and they only ask $15 for a 'regular' size, and $20 for an 'extra-long' tie (that's the one that I get).

A flat $5 for shipping for your entire order, no matter how many ties, and you get them in about three days. Such a great deal that I can't believe that they aren't inundated with orders.

Kudos. A great quality product at a great price. Try them and see!


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