Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ten car stunts that you should NEVER try at home

When you get drunken Canadians around the winter beater during the week and a half of summer that they get in the Great White North, some pretty bizarre things happen.

Click the link on the title for ten of the most You Tube -able moments in automotive stupidity.

Warning: seriously crude language.



Blogger Randall said...


How'd you find that? Fantastic stuff. I particularly liked the Jeep Cherokee getting slammed and the dudes who can't rock crawl right.

I've heard about rock crawling stories often, since I live not too far from Moab, the veritable Mecca for that stuff. In fact, a guy I work with rigged his Toyota 4Runner specifically for that purpose, and overturned his a few months ago. Seems to happen quite a bit actually!

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