Thursday, December 20, 2007

Old-school fun foods that are surprisingly good

I'm a man of simple pleasures for the most part -- some eggs and a little grits, I'm happy.

Here are a few of the fun snack foods that I've recently become reacquainted with recently that are still pretty darn good, even with fancier competition:

- Nabisco Nilla-brand vanilla wafers. Wholesome cookie goodness. Far from being a 'plain' flavor, vanilla is really pretty good. And, I like the texture, too.

Aside: A former Tennessee governor, Ned Ray McWhorter, used the phrase, "Just give me a cup of coffee and two vanilla wafers and I'll go to work for Tennessee" as his campaign slogan. Really.

- Necco Wafers. These little not-too-sweet discs of chalky candy are very good, too. Subtle.

- The original Reese's peanut butter cups. Why do they persist with the different configurations of the cup (dark chocolate, white chocolate, etc.) and different candy bars? So many kinds. What's wrong with the original?

- Raisins. I really like the golden raisins, but the regular ones are good, too. They keep jazzing them up with Craisins, dried fruit mixes, etc., but regular raisins are just plain good.

- Carmel apples. With a really tart Granny Smith apple. Messy, but who cares? It's good.

- Cheap fruitcake. I really like fruitacke. I'm probably the only one that you'll ever meet that won't make fun of fruitcake at Christmas time. I'm a Claxton-brand man, but others are good, too.

- Charleston Chew. This candy bar rocks, and the minis are even better. Chewy and vanilla/chocolate goodness.

- Original Fritos. I don't need no stinkin' Fritos with cheese or ranch or barbeque flavor. Just the original. You know, the ones that the Frito Bandito sang about.

- Hot Tamale candy. These cinnamon jelly beans rock! As a special treat on long road trips, I get the kids the fruity relation, Mike & Ike.

So, if the hunger pangs are "stickin' like duct tape", then give one of these a whirl. You'll be glad that you did.


Blogger Randall said...

Uh, I just enjoy anything with as much fat, salt, and/or sugar as possible. But then again, I can also feel my arteries close a little bit each day.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Andy Rupert said...

This is getting scary. We actually agree about some things!? I too like Hot Tamales, fruitcake, and Charleston Chews. My brother and I would buy the latter after delivering newspapers. I think the price was somewhere around 19 cents at the time (late 70's). The nice thing about them is that they usually take a while to eat. Good memories, man.

6:04 PM  

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