Friday, December 22, 2006

Yule Log & Egg Nog 2006

My buddy Rob, who lives in Knoxville, has an incredible collection of music. As my wife will attest, I am an avid collector myself. With well over 1500 titles under roof my music menagerie is broad, but Rob's accumulation is at a completely different level. I'm guessing (having last seen his collection several months ago) that his current holdings are upwards of 4000 titles, give or take a couple hundred. He and I have similar tastes, mostly in the category of indie rock.

The great thing about Rob is that he shares this willingly. Before any of you start going all intellectual property law on me, his way of sharing is mostly in an advisory capacity. He knows what I like and he drops hints along the way for new music that suits me. Given his prodigious consumption of music, I've always benefitted from his research. Which brings us to today's blog entry.

Yule Log & Egg Nog 2006 is Rob's Christmas compilation for this year. He gathered up several songs from his collection that have a Christmas theme and passed them on to me. Excellent! I highly recommend Sufjan Stevens and Bright Eyes, and, of course, Fairytale of New York is a bona-fide classic. On the other hand, Billy Squier is old-school, and, frankly, a little sketchy.

Click the pic for a readable rundown of Christmas picks from Rob for this year. Merry Christmas everyone!
PS: He also provided selections in 2005 and 2004. 2005 may be the pick of the litter.


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