Monday, December 04, 2006

Why do people believe these people?

I've never understood a long list of things about politics and the way the government works. And someone that knows his stuff could likely lengthen the list considerably. I'm an engineer in the technology field, and I like cars; I'm not an expert on government.

However, I do possess an education and a quick mind. So, generally, I can listen to political debate and, armed with a little information, make a decision about which candidate I will support. It's really a pretty simple process that seems to benefit from simplicity and solitary reflection. Give me the facts and I'll decide how to vote.

So, why on Earth do some people with little or no government or policital experience persist in using their chance at the microphone to play the role of the expert? You can't throw a rock in Hollywood without hitting a celeb that wants to bend the public ear about global warming, Iraq, flu shots or the civil rights of the homeless. These people have no special powers. They haven't been studying the system. Evidence shows that they generally have little experience beyond their latest record, film or marriage.

So, why on Earth do people actually listen to these people? It makes absolutely no sense to me.


George Clooney: Speaks out on Iraq, Darfur, Gun Control and a host of other social and political issues. His qualifications: High school diploma, one semester at the University of Northern Kentucky and running around Los Angeles begging to do television and movies until he worked hard enough and long enough to achieve success in that arena. Hmmm.... achievement, sure, but no real hard social, economic or political training.

Michael Stipe: Speaks out on homosexuality, gun control, Iraq, corporate greed, abortion (he's for it) and other things. His qualifications: High school diploma, incomplete studies in photography and art at the University of Georgia and writing and singing some of the best pop music ever heard on the planet. Wow. Again, nothing about political science, economics, nothing at all. I guess that he can speak on homosexuality with expertise.

I could go on, but you get the picture. Make up your own mind. Don't believe someone simply because they're famous. Do your own homework.


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