Monday, December 11, 2006

Why do we tolerate random acts of murder?

This week's murders of religious intolerance killed twelve innocent people in Algeria.

Why do we allow this? Why don't we punish these governments? Do we not give more in economic benefit to these lawless, third-world feifdoms than they can manage on their own? Let's cut off aid, trade and payments, and then see how long it takes Algeria or Syria to produce these craven criminals for punishment. I'm betting a week, tops.

Of course, the wailing and crying of the world 'community' would want America's 'bullying' to stop. I ask you: Who is the real bully? The one the witholds funds or the one that murders twelve people simply because they aren't of the same religion? If you say, "Well that depends upon the impact of the money", you simply aren't paying attention. Human life is worth more. Every single time.

People ask, "Why are we in Iraq?" To which I always reply, "Because Saddam tortured and murdered his people, and he threatened to murder people by the thousands and tens of thousands."


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