Saturday, May 17, 2008

Escarleth goes home

Escarleth Betancourt-Gutierrez is going home after a lengthy recovery here in Nashville.

Escarleth is a Honduran girl that suffers from scoliosis, curvature of the spine. Her condition was noticed by Dr. Jim Netterville while he was on his annual medical mission trip to El Pedregal, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. As a leading head and neck surgeon, Dr. Netterville uses his time in Honduras to treat people with disfiguring facial and neck tumors. He couldn't treat Escarleth, which weighed on his mind as he returned from the trip.

Back in Nashville, Dr. Netterville contacted a colleague at Vanderbilt Medical center, Dr. Gregory Mencio. Dr. Mencio has one of the most established practices in repairing spina bifida and scoliosis. Dr. Mencio agreed to perform the surgury for free, and the Vanderbilt University hospital waived many of the normal fees. The remainder of the costs were born by member donations from our church at Harpeth Hills.

Her back is now much straighter due to the stainless steel rods inserted in her spine, and her recovery was good.

I am grateful to have a great example like Dr. Netterville. Lead on, brothah!!


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