Friday, March 28, 2008

There's always Room in the Inn

Another night last night serving our visitors from the Nashville Campus for Human Development.

It's just caring for 14 men for a single night. But there's something very satisfying about giving them a place to sleep where they won't be ripped off, a hot shower, a chance do do some laundry and sharing a hot meal or two with them.

My favorite is cooking a big breakfast for them before they load into the van at 6:00 am to go to work or school that morning. They rarely get a hot breakfast -- mostly just cereal and donuts. My friends and I make eggs, grits (duh), sausage and toast (biscuits are a little too much work at 5 am). Fourteen men make short work of four dozen eggs, four pounds of sausage, a pound of grits and three loaves of Texas toast!

The children help to set up the bedding, set the tables, prepare the showers with clean towels and soap, and serve the men their beverages. They love it!

The ladies generally cook dinner, but if Mark's in the kitchen everybody else just stays out of his way.

An evening well-spent.


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