Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't men stand to let the ladies sit anymore?

While in vacation in Chicago, I took that city's public transportation several times. I was the only one on the trams or the trains to give up my seat even for elderly ladies!! Is this practice dead? Am I the only one left?

I certainly hope not.


Blogger Sport Mode said...

Unfortunately there aren't many people with that level courtesy any more...or at least I suspect those kindly folks are not generally the type that take the public transportation system in their hometown. I suppose that sounds terribly stereotyped, but I really think the suburban-based lifestyle has a big factor...

I personally would give up my seat, but as I haven't ridden the public transit system in yyyeeeaaarrrrssss, I don't really have many of those opportunities. Oh, and I don't travel to other states at all for work either...

Yup, always stuck in this little cubicle in, day out.


But kudos to you for having and displaying some 'sportsmanlike conduct'. ;)

10:28 AM  

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