Friday, March 14, 2008

Franktown Rocks Pizza Game!

rolf's pizza game Our friend Rob is at it again! He's released the preliminary version of the Franktown Rocks pizza making game!

You can get a "job" at Rolf's Pizza Parlor just by clicking here. Once you're making pizzas, you have to keep up with the customer demands or you can get fired! That means no burnt pizzas, no pizzas with the wrong ingredients and certainly no slacking!

By the way, Rob is a Christian, and he's planning to work those themes into his kid's site. Since he will be accepting sponsorships from companies, he's going to be a little limited in what he can put on the site, but all of the activities are based opon living the right way. Since music will play a large role in this imaginary town, he will be selecting Christian artists and uplifting music rather than the typical pop music fare.

Have fun!


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