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Watching the History Channel - Old Testament Edition

Most of the "extra" (apochryphal) stories that provide some color behind the Old Testament I know a little about. For instance, Bel and the Dragon that illuminates the tradition of Daniel, for example, I've heard different arguments about. In truth, it doesn't contradict the story of Daniel, it simply provides more of the same types of stories about Daniel's resistance of the Sumarian (Babylonian) culture of idol worship. OK, whatever.

However, I'd never heard the Lilith story -- Lilith the first wife of Adam.

Apparently, the story goes that she was made from dust as was Adam -- and becuase of her equality, she and Adam didn't get along. In a rage, she spoke the name of God (the Jewish Yaweh) and was immediately drawn up into heaven. Forever cursed since she refused to return to Adam, Lilith then becomes an evil spiritual being blamed for everything from infant deaths to male infidelity.

Seems a little far-fetched. But, some of the Bible is that way.

Of course, this isn't the Bible.


Blogger Sport Mode said...

Yeah, there's certainly a reason for some of the apocryphal stuff to be left out of the Bible- things you can tell have no doctrinal point at all. Of course, the people deciding that (what, around the Counsel of Nicea I think) weren't all in complete agreement themselves, but hey, majority rules, right?

Of course the Catholic church believes otherwise, and their own Bible has numerous apocryphal books included.

I find the topic's rather interesting, anyway. :)

5:17 PM  
Blogger Andy Rupert said...

When you read them, it's easy to see that even the apocryphal Daniel chapters are "different" and definitely not of the same character as the rest of the canon. I remember reading them during college and thinking they were more like detective stories than something inspired by God an "written for our learning" (Rom. 15:4).

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