Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rebuttal to Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse. A growing icon of indie pop, they've paid their dues and written some pretty smart, engaging songs. Believe me when I say that I'm a fan. Of their music. In my book, anyone that's OK with Mark Kozelek is OK with me musically.

However, the boys from Issaquah, Washington have rubbed me that wrong way with a recent song entitled "Bukowski". The tune is catchy, and the lyrics are delivered in a rythmic sing-song style which makes it sound a little more like a poem set to lyrics than the rest of the songs from the CD, Good News for People That Love Bad News. After dwelling on the lyrics for a while, I really began to dislike the song because it contemptuously taunts God and his role as master.

If you missed the earlier link, see the lyrics here.

My response? To write another verse. That Modest Mouse should think about. A lot.

If you can't see the beginning and end,
Question but you can't defend,
Mock Him that you should call friend,
My problem is I can't see,
Well who would wanna be? Who would wanna be so arrogant?
Well who would wanna be? Who would wanna be so arrogant?

God lives. And He doesn't like being called names. In fact, He said that rejecting His spirit is the only thing that He will not forgive. (Matthew 12:30-32)


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