Friday, February 16, 2007

I agree with Zac, why should we care about Amaechi?

John Amaechi is a former NBA player. And, if you haven't been following the news, he's announced to the world that he's a homosexual man, and he was homosexual when he was in the NBA. He's been hailed as 'courageous' (by some surprising people) and his critics have been decried by the print and television media writers. Why?

To start with, he's a homosexual. That is, he has sex with other men. Why did any of us need to know this in the first place? I certainly don't. He's been out of the NBA for some time, so it can't relate to basketball directly. Certainly, his mediocre NBA career doesn't merit Hall of Fame consideration, so it won't affect that selection process.

Secondly, why do the writers instantly defend him for this admission? To me, he's been duplicitous during the time leading up to this announcement. He's been lying by omission.

Finally, it seems self-serving. He's written a book and he's involved with various business ventures that should benefit from the temporary celebrity that he's gained from this inflammatory admission. I say that he's using his homosexuality for shock value for gain, not for any higher purpose.

Next, about Tim Hardaway. Again, if you've been under a rock, Mr. Hardaway, who is a legitimate Hall of Fame candidate claimed during an interview with Dan LeBatard that he 'hates gay people' and that he would 'not want a gay teammate'.

In my view, Tim Hardaway is the courageous one, not John Amaechi. Let me explain.

Tim Hardaway, although in a crude way, told the truth, the absolute truth.
John Amaechi lied. For years.

Tim Hardaway stood up for his beliefs even though it cost him plenty.
John Amaechi stood up for his beliefs only when it benefited him.

Tim Hardaway had plenty to lose.
John Amaechi had nothing to lose.

John Amaechi, you've solidified your place in history now. You've admitted that you have sex with men. Wow. Boy, that really makes a HUGE difference.



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