Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Shame on the Tennessean.

An open letter to the editor of the Nashville, Tennessee daily 'news'paper, the Tennessean:

Dear Sir:

Is the Tennessean on the Democratic Party payroll? Do you enjoy being completely disconnected from the opinions of your prospective readership?

The election recommendations on the Opinion page are ridiculously one-sided -- every Democrat running for a Congressional seat was selected. Nevermind that the Democratic challenger for district 7 is completely without experience and happens to be running against a savvy and popular veteran Republican! (Implying that Republicans are without integrity was a nice touch.)

I can learn from opinions that I don't agree with, but what am I to do with recommendations that are so one-sided that they aren't credible? By-pass them.

I think that I'll by-pass the paper while I'm at it, too. If this culture runs within, how can I trust anything to be balanced?

The Nashville Tennessean. Weak. Left. Peerlessly out-of-touch.

Edit 10/19/2006: Apparently, someone else beat me to this criticsm. See here.


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