Friday, October 20, 2006

More media bias -- sometimes it's what ISN'T reported.

Turn on the news this week, and what do you see? You'll be guaranteed to see:

- The tawdry escapades of Mark Foley, a former Republican Congressman.
- The death toll from Iraq.
- Worry about North Korea.
- Immigrant scare tactics (a popular Democrat 'wedge' issue).
- The latest satirical commentary on President Bush's latest speach.

What won't you see?

- The record-setting Dow Jones Industrial Average. (Over 12,000 for the first time in history!)
- The very low unemployment figures.
- The low gasoline prices.
- The low inflation rate. (Hint: The Consumer Price Index actually went down in September.)
- The security controls are working. No terror attacks in over five years.
- The war in Iraq is working for many -- Iraqi women may now seek healthcare, Iraqi children are now educated regardless of religious belief or ethnicity and Iraqis are free from the threat of torture by Udai and Kusai Hussein.

Does this not seem odd? The Dow Jones set a new RECORD HIGH -- it's barely reported. A Congressman sends some e-mail -- let's keep it in the headlines although there's nothing new to report. HUH?

Balance? I think not! Irresponsible? Absolutely.


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