Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Don't buy Citgo Gasoline.

Many people don't know that Citgo is owned by PdV S.A. (Petroleo de Venezuela, S.A.), the state-owned oil monopoly in Venezuela. I was surprised to see their website brag about their 'true nationalization' of oil assets -- stealing equipment and nullifying oil contracts by force in order to use their oil strategically as a global weapon. But I digress.

I'm appalled at Hugo Chavez's (he's the dictator of Venezuela) comments of earlier today in his address to the United Nations. Calling another human being 'the Devil' is perhaps the lowest and most vile insult imaginable. However, I'm even more angered by his claim that the US government probably planned the September 11 events in order to trigger a war for global domination.

I will not finance his plans in ANY way. Not one penny. Citgo, no!

P.S. I was floored at the naivete of the liberals that proposed the opposite -- see here. I simply do not understand how some will believe in the noble intentions of a completely unstable dictator that attempted a violent coup d'etat a short time before his 'election' and the same people completely reject the statements of a democratically elected leader within their own country. It simply does not stand to reason.


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