Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sobering thoughts about media and our culture

We got a short presentation from Steve of Ultimate Escape this morning in Sunday school -- and I can't say that it was a really happy experience.

Our culture is now so saturated with 'adult' images and 'explicit' content is readily available from virtually any PC, phone or PDA connected to the internet. This is really affecting our younger generation because they are able to secretly access video and pictures that were previously available only if you could present identification to prove that you were an adult. People, young and old, male and female, are being ruined by internet content that isn't wholesome.

I'm no prude. And I'm certainly no stranger to the internet. However, I was shocked to learn that major purveyors of adult content regularly post free material in order to hook the unwitting into experiementing with their brand of sexual content at an early age. This is reminiscent of tobacco marketing in previous years and pushing drugs at any point in history: use the addictive qualities to your advantage while they are still young. Some (including me) call this 'predatory'. Preying on the naive for your worldly gain. You flesh peddlers must be so proud.

I'm beginning to believe that 'free speech' isn't free at all. It comes with a heavy burden and an even heavier price.

PS: Steve's website includes an introduction by Jeff Walling, our minister when we were attending the Providence Road church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He's also a friend, and an extremely bright and caring man. One of the rare few like him anywhere. (Jeff, you've got to upgrade that website. Very 1998.)


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