Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Something I'm not willing to do for a ringtone.

Yesterday, as I logged into one of my Hotmail accounts to clean out the spam (that's all that ever reaches that inbox), I encountered this little jewel of a banner advertisement:

Click here to enlarge (at your own risk).

Call me crazy if you will, but I think this one's over the top. Beyond even the most casual brand of decorum imaginable. The clamoring for clicks has gone quite far enough, thank you very much.

And I don't want your ringtone. I find them irritating. For all of you out there vying with one another to have the most obnoxiously nauseating mobile phone ring, try vibrate instead -- people nearby will thank you for not molesting their ears with your tinny reproduction of "Axel F" or "Crazy In Love".


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