Monday, May 14, 2007

In my opinion, we show way too much restraint

Al Qaeda is ordering the US military to call off a search for three soldiers that it claims to have captured over the weekend. They claim that they will murder their prey if the search continues.

I say that we lay waste to the area in three days with advance warning. Give the good people time to leave and scorch the earth after they do.

Al Qaeda, you are criminally insane, the entire lot of you. You twist the truth into justification for your actions. In this case, you picked a random event that happened two years ago for justification. I say that it's no longer about revenge; now it's about your mental issues. About your bitterness and hatred. About your unwillingness to be civil. About your twisted view of morality -- a view that salvation comes from hatred, killing, kidnapping, oppression of women and children and racial prejudices.

Be gone. I hope that we have the stomach to do what we need to do.


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