Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bad Art, Southwestern Style

bad art in phoenix

This framed monstrosity was hanging in our Phoenix hotel meeting room last week. Tom leaned over to me about halfway through the first morning and said under his breath, "Don't look now, but that big one, what ever it is, is about to attack Richard." After I stopped coughing from aspriating about half a mouthful of coffee, I started to study this work of 'art'.

I've concluded that it's not the absolute worst framed art that I've seen, but it pretty darn close. It's the worst I've seen in at least a year or two.

I know that it's supposed to represent horses in motion. However, it looks suspiciously like the twisted two-headed grotesque tusk mutants from the planet Lavender. Or mabye that's just me. What does it look like to you? Comments invited.


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